Wednesday, 19 December 2012

ZA is now launched in Japan!!!

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A few weeks back, I was invited to ZA's event to celebrate the launch of ZA in Japan by Linda!

The event was held at a super atas (high class) restuarant in The Central.

And of course! Not to forget the yearly launched limited edition foundation case from ZA!

Their designs every year is just so cute you couldn't resist them!

This year's special design by Ed Tsuwaki in celebration of the launch of ZA in Japan!

Yes it's a little weird that ZA was not available in Japan all these while because it is no matter what a Japanese brand and under Shiseido and stuff...

The limited edition set comes with not only the Limited Edition Ed Tsuwaki designed foundation case, 2 really awesome Perfect-Fit 2-way foundation refills, it also comes with a really cute tote bag!

See! Awesome size to go shopping with!

Ngak ngak ngak~

And what's more at an event at a resturant?

Yummy treats!!!

Here's their signature Rose Apple Tea!

Pour it out to enjoy!


I'm personally a huge fan of apple tea AND rose tea.
So this Rose Apple tea is just the best of both worlds all together!!!


And you see! Real apples in the tea, too!

Nom nom nom!

Super nice with all the goodness from the tea in every cube of apple!


*sorry I forgot the name of it alright*

There's yummy mango pudding served with super sweet mikan (orange) and yuzu!

Fat die me in happiness!

Sour mango on the top

Together with the sweet mango puding at the bottom, HEAVENS!!!

After the event, both Noelle and I were still hungry, so we decided to go for ramen, again!

Remember the first time the 3 of us were there after our first round of audition.
Aha~ Brings back memories~

My ramen!

Gyoza to be shared with Noelle!

Oki! That's all for this post!

Will be back soon with giveaways!

XOXO Tsuriki

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