Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Hi everyone~

Well, this isn't really a post of sharing anything but just a a short little post I would like to spend writing some feelings of mine which is actually why I started this blog, to note down my feelings and thoughts.

I've never been a person that is good at talking. In fact, I don't talk much if you really get to know me.

I'm not a person whom is good at words or just simply putting my thoughts across via talking. Which is why I used to write songs and just simply blogging them away. They're just ways for me of expressing, of saying what I feel inside to feel better.

Like what people always say, if you have anything bothering you, don't keep it in. Say it out and you will feel better.

To be honest, I have not been exactly happy nor sad for the past few days.

I actually feel kinda lost.

I know what I want. But I do not know how to react to certain things.

My friends may think that I'm one person who do not think carefully before doing something, making decisions and stuff. But actually, I do.

I've always been a person who thinks alot, like waaay alot, before I do something. But I guess these does not appear to some people.

People may think that I'm a very positive person and stuff but in fact, I've always been a very emo person who is shy and feels awkward when I'm in the light.

There are times where I enjoy being in the light and want to be in the light.
I love singing, I love dancing. I love being in the light, performing on stage for everyone.

But other than that, I'm still the old me who would actually hide my face behind my long fringe so that no one could see my eyes.

If one couldn't see my eyes, one wouldn't know how I feel.

Be it whether am I happy, sad, afraid or even lost.

It may be really hard to believe but I am just writing the truth.

Some people may think that I just want people to tell me that "it's ok, things will get better" or like "don't worry, I will always be with you" this kind of stuff.

But really, what I really need is a sincere hug.

You don't have to say anything. Just a simple hug will do.

Ok. I guess this post isn't really that short after all.

Signing off,
Tsuriki. (or rather, Trixy.)

By the way, many people have been asking me if Tsuriki is my real name or like how did I get this name and stuff like that.
Well, Trixy is my real name. And Tsuriki is just the simplest way of pronouncing Trixy in Japanese.
That's all.

Good night everyone!


  1. Tsuriki :( I can relate to this entire post. I seem out going and overly happy at times but really I am hurting and dark inside. I shy away from the spotlight because of my own insecurities that I myself magnify.

    But you know, because you know these own weaknesses of yours, you can become stronger. You acknowledge it and so you can improve. And it's so good that you are at least voicing it out though not entirely.

    I am not saying that everything will be alright or that I understand, because I don't know what you are going through and even though I can relate, we all have different circumstances and mentalities making it different for everyone. And we all are lost at a point in life, it takes time to find it, some never will truly find the path clearly and the road is long and hard.

    I hope you the best though, and that you can pull through your current trial.


    -- THT Christina

  2. i think everyone goes through the down period every once in a while. stay strong, do not take to heart what others are saying. you are who you are whether you're a shy or a bright girl. :)

    i've been reading your blog for some time now but seldom comments. hope you're doing well. :)

  3. I feel lost too sometimes, like I don't know what to do with myself. But try your best and stay positive! We support you ^^
    -Gives virtual hug- x3
    BTW I love your new header ~!



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