Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leaders InSolution Mask

Event & Sponsored Review

Hi everyone!

After a long time, I finally attended another bloggers' event and this time it was held at Raindrops Cafe!

It's a really nice lovely cossy place that I've always wanted to go at *Scape and finally I was there!!!

So we were all gathered at the Raindrops Cafes for Leaders InSolution Mask Bloggers Launch Event.
It's a new brand of facial masks from Korea that will be launched and sold at Watsons in March!

The full range of mask of Leaders InSolution

Table settings all ready for lunch!

And the menu for the afternoon.

Can't wait to nom nom. O(≧∇≦)O

We had a short presentation on Leaders InSolution by of host of the day - Michiyo

And here we have our model of the day - Yijing!

Next! We had a little "experiment"

Here's facial mask brand X

And this is a facial mask of Leaders InSolution

Brand X of the left and Leaders InSolution mask on the right

Both brand X's mask and Leaders InSolution's mask were cut into half and applied on Yijing's face.

Leaders InSolution on the left and Brand X on the right.

As you can see, the mask of Leaders InSolution is much thinner as compared to Brand X.

This is good for people especially with oily / combination skin.

The masks were left on for about 20 mins while we all enjoyed our starters for lunch.

Okay~ Food items will all be below, together. Heehee~

After 20 mins, we had both masks removed.

*What's that face yo, Yijing?*

Ok. I'm sorry. I can't help it but to add those キラキラ sparkles on this photo as Yijing just had that お嬢様 expression.

I'm not sure if you can see this properly but in person,
the difference between both sides was SUPER OBVIOUS!!!
There was like a very defined line in between Yijing face after the masks were removed!

On the left with Leaders InSolution's mask on was much brighter whereas on the right with the Brand X mask on was red and much dull as compared.

Oki! Now for FOOOOOOD!!!

And also, we had chocolates from Yijing as it was Valentine's week! ♥

As here are our awesome goodies from Leaders InSolution

What I really NEED most!

Heard that it will like melt after application.
I have yet to try this so ya, I'll probably do a separate review for this!

Full range of mask!

And the very first mask I'm gonna try is..

Mela-Tox Skin Clinic Mask

For Radiant & youthful skin and to enhance skin whitening effect.
Suitable for all skin types.

The size of the mask fits really well. Not too big, not too small.

It doesn't have much fragrance which is a really good thing especially for people like me who has sensitive skin.

After 15-20 mins, I feel that the elasticity of my skin was improved and also more radiant.
Feeling AWESOME!

Price range: $3.00 - $3.50

Promotion: But any 3 Get 1 FREE!
(Promotion valid from 1 - 28 March 2012. While stocks last. T&C applies)

For more information, you may visit
Facebook: Leaders InSolution Singapore
For overseas enquiry, you may email to

Leaders InSolution will be available in selected Watsons tomorrow, 1 March 2012!
So do remember to check them out!


  1. I saw a post about this too! The packaging is so cute ^^

  2. wow i never thought the difference would be that obvious! I really want to try this brand now

  3. 日本が好きだよね~!cool^^

    1. ありがとう!

  4. what is the brand of lens you're wearing for the event? :D

    1. Hi! I was wearing EOS Jelly in Brown. =)



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