Thursday, 29 April 2010

Home home~

Hi everyone! It's been sometime since I last blogged at this timing.

Well, I did not go for lessons today as I'm having quite a major headache and my left eye hurts lots. I guess it's because of the Japan Lens I got from

I will be doing a review for their lens soon. For the time being, do read my review part 1 for them if you're considering of buying from that blogshop.

Here I'm gonna say sorry to the blogshop owner. Yes I did receive your email stating that the lens are authentic and even gave me evidence. But still, the discomfort that so many people are reviewing online shows some things.

I'm waiting for to return from her study break to get my Japan lens from her.

Ok. Enough of the lens.

I was just reading some popteen models' blog and I realised that one of the model had pink wii controller!

Photo credit to 鈴木奈々's blog


Well, if I were to own a wii set my own, I'm sure gonna get PINK controller!!! Even if it's just one controller. But then, if I do get one, I think my BF will be snatching the controller from me! (><)

Hmm... Last week when Eileen bought her Popteen magazine and we were reading at Coffee Bean, Dann saw 鈴木奈々's photo and say that I look like her.


It was really funny that after having that comment from Dann, that very night I have someone scolding me on my tagboard. 可笑しいな~ (笑)

Anyway. Here's a little updates for people who loves Japanese fashion or even wanna get a Yukata yourself for this Natsu Matsuri.

JapaneseFashionStreet, also known as JFS, a newly opened blogshop by JoXianna and I, will be opening pre-order sprees real soon!
Fashion wear's pre-ordering will be opened next week and Yukata Spree #2 will be opened in mid-may!

Jo and I haven been working nights after nights to make sure we get you the latest trends!

Ah~ Sorting and listing out the pretty clothes and yukata to be brought in is tempting myself to buy lots and lots of clothes and yukata, too!!!

Like this yukata!!!

It's like so super pretty and I've always likes black based Yukata!!!

Photo credit to 菅野結以's blog

See! Black based yukata are nice!

Ok. Back to the point.
Do give us your support! ありがとう~ \(^∇^)/

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