Saturday, 3 May 2008

trip back in memory lane

hey there people!
today was a great day
though i was rather busy
rushin here and there all day long
but i'm very very happy
and enjoyed myself really well.

it first started out in school
where JMD had our 1st official practice with our 08 batch.
i think that this current batch pick up very fast.
out of the whole batch of around 15 people that came
only 2 or 3 people had problem learning whatever that we taught today
be it traditional or j hip hop.
yu hu~!
we have a junior that can take over juna's place for singing!
i feel so.

after JMD session,
i stayed for a while to try out the dance for natsu.

how can uncle xm choreo something like that?!
i feel s weird~

but then again,
i dont have that much time to think about this i guess.
i just have to learn
and do it.
i think the most difficult part for me
is to learn the songs.

come on people!
like how on earth is it easy to learn a song that you get bored
and kind irritated already
just after listening to it for just 3 times?!

i have to try...
*and keep thinking of LS being in a worst situation than me*
but i've already admitted that
this whole natsu thing
the only person that will help me relieve stress
is LS.


so after that short while,
went to shower
then rush down to bugis to meet jess, zh, ting and ling.
though our girls clique arent full,
and i think the chances of it being full is very slim
i really had a great time
just walking around doing window shopping
having student meal at mac
(i had happy meal though =p)
sitting down at mos for mos shake!!!

so happy....

so after that,
jess and i went to toa payoh
where jess went to dye he hair as she very bored(?)
and i went to met dear for tom yam
it's been so long sinced we had tom yam together
talking about the guys~ (*roll eyes*)
and ya...
i just come to realised that she really knows quite a number of my friends.
first, lester
second, ign
third, darz
then she found justin
then got to know alvin
followed by larry
and now she's constantly irritating ct.

i really dont know how and why
neither does she


so after having tom yam,
i went to ang mo kio
where we JMD always have a chat
on both important, serious stuff
and also just crap too.
practically everything under the sun.
and ya.
this is our family gathering.


just one day,
i got to spend time with JMD,
then poly classmates,
and my primary school friend.

although ya...
transport fee is expensive...
but there's really hardly a chance i could get to spend time with my friends
moreover natsu practice is starting soon
this 17 may.
and all my saturdays i'll be spending time in JMD
from morning till night.

really people,
thank you for being my friends.


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