Saturday, 17 May 2008

some old memories

hey people,
as you can see,
i've changed my blog skin.

it's time.
moe than a year already i guess....

and as you can see,
the main page is very empty
and as i was lookin for some photos to put up,
i come across some old photos of mine.

look so weird.

but then again,
like who on earth dont have a past.
and as for me,
it's a past look.

here's some of my old photos...

me and my birthday present from
edmund, darren and (i forgot her name =P)
when i was in sec2.

the first better photo i took myself
using a proper digital camera
(though it's kinda off focus)

me in my first pink cap
when i was sec3.

and here is how my room used to look like...

NOTE: i did type "used to look like"

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