Friday, 23 May 2008


hey there people,
here i am bloggin in class again.
but this time,
i'm blogging cause i've finished my lab work,
and that then i'm bored.


actually nothing much to blog about...

was just reading the jmd forum
and i notice that the "YO JUNIORS" topic
has been stuck there are a week or so...
so i've posted a post there.

(i forgot whether i've blogged the following up already or not)
(sorry if i'm repeating)

because of what pumpkinhead had posted,
though i agree,
and did feel the same way when i was in my year 1,
but as the time went by,
the reason i came back to jmd
after MIA-ing for 3 months,
is because of the people in this big family.

and i do feel that maybe what we're teaching them now
are very
or maybe too basic for them
but then again,
i do feel that a couple of them can dance
and that they will feel the music played easily.
the most basic things,
are not there,
or not good enough.

just like us,
danny will still say,
and i myself know,
i just dont stand firm
my CG problem.

and now this dance choreoed for them,
i do hope that no one will complain anymore.

*i just hope that shizuoka's performance will go well~*

all the best people!

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