Sunday, 16 September 2007

photos and videos of 15 may
waseda trip


on the bus to waseda shibuya senior high


pretty girl~!

some cute posters~!

(above not so cute lah...)


with a pretty girl in yukata!

my takoyaki!!!

score cards!!!



sok hiang's!

my initial prize!
(i changed after taking this photo)
sorry i forgot to rotate

hana yori 2B's sign~!

hana yori 2B's waiting area~

hana yori 2B's photos~!?

big big banner of takoyaki~!

sok hiang hiding away from the camera?!

exit sign at the haunted mansion

~haunted mansion~

big big takoyaki~!
sorry forgot to rotate again~

takoyaki's set menu

sok hiang and chelsea


while waiting for the uniforms...

V1 - tricks~! wao~!
(it's not easy, you can try it for yourself)

V2 - game game~!

V3 - game game again~!

V4 - focus on... chelsea~!

at the canteen...

V5 - they're eating, i'm filming.

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