Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Soran Bushi?

here's 2 videos of BT doing soran bushi.
(trying blogger video upload at the same time)
the one of his side view,
i took it secretly
after being totally out of ideas for my dance cheo.
and ya.
that video is the one with classic's style.

the other one,
classic was trying to do the proper version.
he forgot some steps!
and did some steps wrongly!
at the end of the video,
there are some words from classic to Ezzat.

blogger video uploader tried.
i shall stick with youtube i guess...
not that it isnt good...
just that i can only upload one video at a time,
and i will have to wait for it to process finish
before uploading another one.
stick to youtube and photobucket.

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