Tuesday, 11 September 2007


happy birthday shu herng,
happy birthday sharon.

finally managed to steal connection from some i dont know where
not going to seek help in connecting to my lan tonight.
(inside thing)

met up ting ang ling to get hui's present

met hui and the rest for lunch
ate at sketches
waited for sek to come
like dont know how long later
d.i.y pasta
-- super.

went to marina to look for jess
talked a while

hui and i went sasa to shop for cosmetics
didnt get anything
she got fake lases and mascara
(the mascara i'm using -- good good!)

when all above took placed,
deciding on movie location

got movie tickets
waited to meet dann.

met dann.
had pancakes
no reservation.

han's for dinner.
the fish and chips seriously taste like
'chicken' and chips

took train
walk home

got it
cried out

stole connection
blogged out.

the end

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