Wednesday, 29 November 2006


updating now...
eng hua just complained that i didnt update my blog.
i shall update now,
in class.

so on monday,
27 Nov 2006.

i went to school on time alright.
for english.
and what?
genia and lala didnt come for english.

after lessons,
went home to slack first.
wanted to go walk walk one,
but then zh got to stay back with ting to do their pd project,
-- the egg thingy--
so i went back with genia and jessle lor...

on the way back,
i noticed something,
jess was wearing blue,
and genia was wearing white.
what about me?
i was wearing their combination,
blue + white!

so after this 'discovery',
of course,
jess would want to take photos lah.

and below are some crazy photos taken.

crazy huh?


so i went back,
and help my sis with the TNT camp deco for special night.
so sad,
i cant go for camp this year as my lessons time table either starts too early for me to travel from tampines down to yio chu kang,
or it ends to late.
so by the time i go back for camp,
it's supper time for lights off already i guess.

i'm tried alright.
so i help my sis for a little while,
then went for a short 1 hour nap.

and i can say,
that nap was good.

so woke up around 6.30pm,
wash up a little,
and left home to east cc at around 7pm.,
for my japanese lessons.

i thought that most of my classmates would be working adults,
but then most of them turned out to be teenages,
yound adults.
even primary school kid.

first lesson mah...
surely learn stuff that i already know,
not surprising.
this lady sitting beside me was a lady.
her name is emily.
i think to her,
japanese is like so difficult.
but then japanese is actually very easy.
somehow similar to chinese.
at least that's what i think.
the only thing i really want to learn is read and write ba.
of course,
i still have lots to learn.
but then at least what i know now is enough for me to communicate with a japanese.


so yesterday,
28 Nov 2006.

didnt go to school alright.
had a stomachache when i woke up in the morning.
then i forgot to put alarm again,
i slept till 3.30pm?
and when i woke up,
i saw zh's sms.
saying that the 1pm lecture was cancelled.
good thing alright.
i didnt wake up.

so i spent my day infront of the computer,
playing o2jam,
looking for shows,
checking email,
doing personality quiz,
etc etc.
but nothing related to school work.

after com,
watch tv.
kinda think of it.
i didnt really eat yesterday.
it's like that when i start playing com.
i just forget to eat and drink.


missed maths lecture again.

and when i came to class at 12pm,
got to know that our guai guai nui zh and jess didnt come for lessons.
zh said that she's on the way,
which she havent reached till now,
jess mah...
doing homework.
now i'm wandering,
should i go for jmd.
i'm like stuck in school again.
my ezlink card has only 49 cents left.
my atm card is like broke,
i cant use the money inside,
i forgot to bring the money my mom gave me,
*i could use that to top up my card*
unless i dont eat dont drink today.
if not,
i'm just stuck in school.

wanna go walk walk sia...

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