Friday, 17 November 2006


hey people!
currently in class...
it1838 object oriented programming,
aka java.

and ya...
i'm bored...

so i shall use this time to re-introduce myself while listenin to whatever the teacher is talking about at the same time.

i'm trixy mok.
(not going to type my full name)
i'm 17 right now,
this year.
born on 13 august 1989,
leo snake baby.
currently studying in nayang polytechnic,
MIT first year.
sakuran japanese cultural club -- slacker.
working at swensen's -- on leave.
a girl that cries very easily.
but enjoy sleeping too.
and i can conclude the 2 lines above.
i'm weird.
one who loves blue roses,
one who loves food.
one who loves colours,
one who loves the beach.
one who loves singing,
one who loves dancing.
one who loves almost eveything about japan.
- japanese food
- japanese fashion
- japanese products
- japanese dramas
- japanese animes
last but not least,
- japanese guys.
one who loves sports,
one who loves cooking.
one who loves designing,
one who loves gaming.
one who loves vanilla,
one who loves green tea.
one who loves chocolate,
but hates chocolate flavour stuff.
quiet at times.
noisy at times.
going to start my very first japanese lessons soon.
*wu hu!*
*so happy sia!*

i guess that's all for the moment...
cant really think of what to talk about myself le.
see you!

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