Monday, 20 November 2006


went to genia's house today after lessons.
and i mean,
almost our whole class.
but then,
no worries.
her house can fit 4 of our class.
we had chocolate fondue,
*did i spell it correctly?*
and pizza.
i can say,
our class is just a bunch of hungry ghost.

after eating,
we all went to genia's room to play com and stuff.
only some.
the rest went to explore her house,
and play with the dog i guess.
heard that the dog had aaron's socks.
and what?
he ( the dog ) refused to give it back.
so aaron went back without wearing any socks.

abit disappointed today.
cause i heard that jess's exchange programme partner sent her email after going back.
and also another guy too.
no email!!!
did my anata forget about me?
or is it just because i wrote that email address of mine that people usually forget about the "_"
sad sia...
hope he will email me.
maybe he's just thinking of how to type english ba...
*i'm just bluffing myself*

oh well...
that's all for now.

enjoy the photos below!

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