Thursday, 28 October 2004

totally shocked!

~totally... hmm... dun kno how to say~
today is the moment we all have been waitin for!!!
*but den also the moment tt some may not wan it to come..*
the day where our report books will be given out!!!
well.. tts wat i tot before i got back my report book lah...
i was like prayin tt i will get back my report book....
after a few names have been called out... i heard...
hahaha!!!!! my name! my name!
hahaha.... im goin to sec 4 joy!!! hahaha!!!!
not only tt man...
opened my report book... guess wat?
class position: 10/39
haha!!! i tot i will be the last 10 lor... top 10 frm the back and totally not the front!!
wait! theres more!!
level position: 87/XXX (forgot wat XXX is liao...)
haha!!!!first time lehz!!!! first time my level position is less dan 100 one!!! haha...
i saw tt my results are almost the same as in the semester 1, but den i can still be so high positioned.. haha... TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE!!!
haha.. called to tell my dad...he say he will treat me movie for my class position.. hahaha!!!!

later on...

went to bought my novel after sch den went to double ring and watch da, ed and ct play bball..
wanted to play one.. but den sooooo many ppl... didnt get to play....
there ar.. got alot of stupid mosquito bittin me... now i got both the back of my legs bitten like mad... super itchy man... look so horribly horrible too...
when i left double ring there, said bye to 52 den walk off... den a distance away liao den ct and 40 say byebye to me... heehee...
*40 said byebye to mua!*
when i was abt to go up the bus, ct and da came runnin to me say wan me to 'liu xia' $2 before i leave... but den i only have a $5 and i have the use it later...
pai seh!!!

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