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Solo Korea Trip -
Finding old memories & creating new ones


Hihi everyone!

Ok! Its time to put all the ads and reviews aside and get back to my Korea trip back in April!

Feels so bad that it's already October and I have yet to blog finish on this April.

Thinking that soon I'm gonna go for my Taiwan trip in Nov, I wonder when will I finish blogging about it... 

But ya! I will try my best to make time and keep posting, keep blogging!

So it was the fifth day of my trip that it was the day I planned to go to Lotte World!

I was very excited to go to Lotte World even though many people told me that I should totally go to Everland instead cos their rides are way better but I really wanted to go to Lotte World cos the last time I went there when I was 4, I didn't get to do much.

And another thing is that, that was the place I remember most from that Korea trip, the very last trip I had with my mom and dad and sis as one family...

Ok. Back to happy stuff!

Near the station, I spotted Spiderman and Iron-man!

Seriously have no idea when were there these 2 characters but... oh well.

Super pretty right?

And SNSD with Kim Soo Hyun!

Although I've never been like a real fan of SNSD, I still feel kinda sad over the whole Jessica leaving the group saga. 

Just hope that Jessica will be able to find a better agency that will give their full support to her.


And yea! Finally gotten my tickets to Lotte World!

Got the full admission ticket which.. I seriously can't remember how much does it costs already.

Lotte World!!! I'm back!!!

The Giant Loop that Lee Kwang Soo sat on during an episode of Running Man while he had this challenge of singing a full song while going through the ride.

Well.. I did try this challenge myself and I seriously do not find this scary...

Could sing a full song without any problem alright. Heehee~

The Haunted House that Yonghwa and Soohyun went in WGM.

But... I seriously have no guts to go in there all by myself...

They even have an Etude House in the park!

But sadly they do not have any special edition items. 

The Secret Passage that totally cheated my feelings.

It's just another stairs to the entrance level.

Played the 4D game which is the exact same one in Sentosa. LOL!

More 4D rides upstairs!

Lotte World is 25 Years Old!

I seriously had no idea that Lotte World was first opened the same year that I am born till that day!

Next I headed outdoors to take thrilling rides before my sister come join me after her lessons in the afternoon.

To be honest, for all these years, I seriously didn't remember Lotte World having an outdoor area. 

Guess I really was not allowed to do much, go many places when I was that young...

Hello Castle that I totally didn't remember of! 

Couldn't decide on which ride to take first so I started with kiddy ride!

I~ Want Candy!

After kiddy ride, it's time to scare the hell out of myself!

This ride seriously was a bit too much for a warm up alright.

I was like screaming "what on earth is this?!" in Japanese throughout the ride and the boy beside me was screaming the same thing, too, but in Korean. LOL!

Yes, I have no idea why but whenever I'm on rides, the things I tend to scream out will be mostly in Japanese.

The speedboat idea kind of ride. Super fast.
Super awesome!!!

After some thrilling rides outdoors in the cold, it was almost time for me to head to the entrance where I waited for my sis to arrive after school!

Camwhore and shopping at the gift shops while waiting for my sis.

And yea! The Mok sisters are finally back in Lotte World after 20 years!!!

And we were just in time for the parade!

I guess it's pretty rare to see parades with Wizard of Oz nowadays...

After the parade, we headed for lunch!

When will you beep? I'm hungry!



Omelette rice was the fastest and we knew why after food was served.

The rice were cold! All they had to do is to make an omelette, put it on top and followed by sauces!

Cheat my feelings...

After lunch, (LOL) we went the ride Sinbad.

We seriously thought it's gonna be some kiddy, cutesy ride like any other Sinbad in many theme parks that I've been to but seriously, that is the scariest Sinbad I've ever taken.

The decor is super freaky and the thing is my sis is super afraid of any rides that will incline or recline. So... For a ride that we expected to be all cute and stuff, it turned out to be an nightmare and had my sis crying throughout the ride.

Gosh. I felt so bad cos I was the one who suggested to take that ride.

BUT! In my defense, I really didn't know! WE really didn't know!!!

Next! We went to the little Trick Eye Museum they had at in the park! 

My Version

My sis's version

Me trapped in a painting

Seriously think that this will be really cool for twins to do

Sadly, my sis and I don't really look alike. LOL

Next! I headed into the Heritage Museum area which my sis who bought only the General Admission ticket was not able to enter.

Korea heritage since Stone age?!


Seriously find these miniatures super cool, super awesome!

After that, we headed outdoors, again!

Took this Bingee ride which the Sweet Potatoes couple in WGM ride on.

Seriously, I was the one on the ride but my sis was more afraid than I was!

Before leaving Lotte World, we passed by another 4D shooting game near the exit and decided to play. 
Guess what?! I Topped the 40 over players!


All my training from various shooting games paid off!

Spotted this cookies and decided to get one to share!

Sadly, we didn't get to smash the cookies up ourselves..

Next! We headed to Namsan tower!

Sadly my camera went out of battery of out this shot so all photos after this point were taken with my iPhone.

Wanna lock your love?

Some people's wishes are really easy to spot alright...

Sadly, it was very foggy that night so we didn't managed to see a clear view of Seoul from that tower,

Spicy seafood noodles for dinner at the tower

After that, we headed to Myeongdong, again, as I wanted to get a few more stuff and try out some street food!

Sundae which is like intestines with glass noodles wrapped inside.

And of course! My favourite Ddeokbokki!!!

Oki! That's all for my 5th day in Seoul this April!

See you in my next post!

XOXO, Tsuriki

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