Wednesday, 23 July 2014

True foundation to beauty with Neutrogena


Hi everyone!

Many people have always been saying that my skin is good and stuff.

I must say that aside from the gift of good genes passed down my mom's family line, good skincare routine is also a very important factor.

To me, having skin that is clean (like of course), hydrated alone is no longer enough!

As my work now requires me to not only work in a very dry environment all the time, I am also required to work for very very long hours that are often even hours that everyone should be sleep.

Yes, I mean over night.

When you are just about to go to bed, I am probably just getting up to go for work.

This causes my skin to not only be very dry, but also loses its glow over time.

Well not to worry! Neutrogena has 2 new cleansing product that would help you with hydration and brightening!

Presenting Neutrogena's 2 new foaming cleanser from their Deep Clean range!

Hydrating for dry skin problem and Brightening for dull skin problem. 

And my choice is definitely the Brightening foaming cleanser!

Like mentioned earlier in this post and my other YouTube videos, I face problems with my dull skin due to the weird working hours and lack of sleep because of my job.

After using the Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening foaming cleanser, I feel that my skin has become much more brighter! I believe I will be able to get back the radiance I used to have before my current job! 

But also, good skin has to be well hydrated, too!

I love using the Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating foaming cleanser at night to not only make sure that my skin is well cleansed from all the dirt and dust after a whole day out, but also well hydrated before going to bed!

Do you know that a good cleanser is like the most important factor in your skincare routine?

Just imagine you have a canvas that you're gonna paint a beautiful painting on it.

Be it how good your painting skills are, without a nice, well prepped canvas as a good base, be it how skillful you are at painting, your painting will just not end up as pretty and beautiful as it would be on a nicely prepped canvas.

Only with well cleansed skin will all your other skincare products be able to work to their maximum!

The Neutrogena Deep Clean cleansers are able to do so as they foam up to be really really fine foam which will help cleanse 99% impurities from deep within!

Only with foam that fine will it be able to cleanse your skin deep! 

After wash, my skin feels not only well cleansed with any tightness but also fresh and brightened!

Check out my review video below and see for yourself how fine can the foam be! 

I really really love the texture, light sweet floral scent and results the Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening foaming cleanser gives me even after one single wash!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleansers are available at Guardian, Watsons, NTUC, leading pharmacies and supermarkets at a retail price of $11.50 each!

You just have to try it for yourself to believe that cleansing daily can actually feels so good!

Thank you, Neutrogena from making a good start for my skincare routine possible!

Like I said in my video, it's a foundation! 
Only with a good foundation will ou be able to achieve great skin and look awesome even without any makeup!

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