Sunday, 9 June 2013


Hi everyone!!!

Ok, this is gonna be the I-dont-remember-how-many-times of me saying sorry for the lack of updates.

I'll blog proper on Tuesday I promise!

As I've been really really busy the past 2 weeks or so?

Apart from my current job which I'm gonna say goodbye to in another 8 days?

I've been busying working at last week's Anime Matsuri which I was very very happy to meet a lot of YOU! 

Shall blog on Anime Matsuri separately...

After that, it was back to my normal job the following day then followed by another event job the very next day. 

So I practically did not get any rest for the past 15 days?!

*omg! To think of it myself is kinda shocking!*

And I won't be getting any off days till Tuesday so that's gonna be a 16 days straight of busy-ness! Lol!!

Oki! That's a for this short post as I'm running some errands before work!

See you soon!!


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