Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Funan Anime Matsuri 2013アニメ祭りへ来てくれたの皆さん、ありがとう!

Hi hi everyone!!!

As promised, I'm blogging today!

So 2 weeks ago, it was Anime Matsuri for the entire week at Funan DigitalMall and I must say and that I was very very happy to be able to week at the AFA café to serve everyone!!!

Saturday's meidos and butlers!

(Left to Right: Rina, Ren, Tsuriki -myself-, Haru, Yuna, Hiroshi)

It's my very first time working with everyone at the café for the weekends but I sure was happy to be able to work with Rina, again!

Sunday's meidos and butlers!

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Shizuka, Tsuriki -myself-, Tora, Ren, Hiroshi, Haru)

With Shizuka-cyan!

Yeah WC Lovers FTW!!!

With Hiroshi!

Super awesome guy to work with! (笑)

To be honest, I was kinda afraid before starting work as everyone were very close but it was my first time working with everyone...
But! Everyone was very friendly and super fun to work with!

Thank you everyone for a super fun and awesome weekend even though, yes, it was kinda tiring.
Not forgetting all behind-the-scenes staff, too!

I really hope to be able to work with everyone, again!

To all readers, new readers,
Thank you for much for all of you who came to the café!

I was really happy to be able to meet all of you!

As for all the ご主人さま and お嬢様 who still remembers me from the previous MMK Café event back in 2011, I'm really really touched!
I hope to be able to serve all of you, again, as Tsuriki the meido!



XOXO Tsuriki

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