Friday, 1 March 2013

Lousy service from Korean brand, again!

Hi everyone!

Ok. Here's another rant post alright.

Just 2 days ago, I dropped by my workplace after my dance lessons.

When I reached my workplace, I saw one of my my colleague returning and was really pissed off because she just bought an item from this particular outlet (outlet A) of a Korean cosmetic brand like just 2 hours ago?

She went back wanting to get an exchange.

So you may think, what's the deal? Just exchange right?

Well nope.

First! The shop staff told her that she cannot get an exchange because that particular item is not in the same category as the item that she wants to change for.

What nonsense right?! It's not even stated on their receipt or wherever!

My colleague called up another outlet (outlet B) to clarify and the staff from the outlet B said that it's totally fine and an exchange is allowed.

When my colleague was on the phone with staff from outlet B, the staff from outlet A called her and told her that she was then aloowed the exchange.

Wth right?

Ok. So this time round, I went back to outlet A with my colleague just to be sure as she could be a little blur at times.

So we went back to the shop, chose the stuff that my colleague wanna change for and went back to the cashier to pay the amount that my colleague has to top-up for.

The staff then told us that my colleague has to make a full payment of $80++ cash.

Wait a minute! My colleague already paid like $60++ by NETS earlier so why does she has to make a full payment of $80++?!

The staff then passed us the void receipt of their shop for the first receipt of items my colleague bought and said that THAT is the receipt for the void of NETS! Thus my colleague have to make the full payment of $80++.

Thank goodness I was there with my colleague or she would have been so blur and went to withdraw cash to pay up that $80++!

I've been working in many jobs before which requires me to handle payment via various mode so I'm VERY sure that THAT very void receipt is NOT the void receipt for the NETS my colleague paid earlier on.

I then explained to the staff and demand that we get the NETS void receipt before we make our payment of $80++ via cash.

(Apparently when we exchange the item, we are not allowed to pay by any other mode of payment but cash according to that staff? Doesn't make sense but forget it)

She then gave us a really F*ck up face, insisted that THAT very receipt is the void receipt for NETS. Like that's how their brand, their shop works. Plus, she also told us that we can always call outlet B to check if we want to.

I immediately asked my colleague to check her iBanking as payment by NETS will be reflected immediately.

As my colleague was checking her iBanking, the staff called up outlet B herself to check on this.

Guess what?! I was correct!

Which means that my colleague had to pay the $10++ extra only!

Note here that the face of the staff at outlet A was really black the entire time we were there.
She had that ultimate f*ck up face on even before we stepped in to the shop!

I actually wanted to get some stuff from the shop as I've ran out of lip masks and their lip masks are pretty not bad.
However, I myself was so pissed off that I did not buy anything at all.

Throughout the entire process, even when the staff was in the wrong, she didn't even apologize at all!

Yes I understand that your day could be really bad and you are all alone in the shop at night, wanting to go home in approximately an hour's time (which seriously isn't exactly a very short time) and had to face customers like us.

But you can't blame us for your lack of knowledge of your job and how the entire payment process goes, right?

She could have said "sorry" with a black face it would still make us feel better. Or at least I know I will feel a little better, alright.

Boy am I disappointed in the lousy service of that very staff!!!

I've been to many of the outlets of this very brand and I always feel welcomed even though most of the times I don't buy anything?
Still they treat all their customers really nice!

Just this ONE staff at their newly opened outlet.

Wanna know what brand is it...
Hmm... Let me think of a product I own from them...

Banana Milk Shower Gel!

I guess this says alot as not many Korean brands in Singapore sells banana milk flavoured shower gel!

So that's all for this post.

Rant. End.

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