Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Going on 4th month with Datsumo Labo


Hi everyone!!!

Sorry I have not been updating reguarly recently as I've been really busy and am currently under trainings twice weekly which already takes up like off day from work.

Not gonna mention what is it exactly but just give me your support!!!

Anyways, I'm sure if you have been following, be it my blog, twitter, facebook or instagram, you should know by now that I have been going to Datsumo Labo regularly for my hair removal treatments!

And yes! Their very first outlet is opened at International Building in Orchard, which is just beside Shaw House!

Oh! Oh! People living along the East-West Line, good news for you!
Datsumo Labo will be opening their second outlet in Singapore the end of next month, April, and it's gonna be at Tanjong Pager!!!

You can LIKE Datsumo Labo's FB Page for more updates!

Ok! Back to my treatment!

First when you enter the outlet in Orchard NOW, you'll see the wall of fame!

All the celebrities and famous people who receives treatment at Datsumo Labo in Japan and in Singapore!

If you're a supporter of Popteen magazine, I'm sure you are familar with えりちゃん!

And under the Singapore area.... *ahem*

*ahem* YES ME!!! *ahem*

Here's the comfy bed in which you will lie on when receiving your treatments!

There will be a basket provided for you to place your belongings in it!

You can also choose to hang your clothes on the wall with the hanger provided but oh well,
I prefer to just fold them and place them in the basket every time!

See! I told ya!

*sidetrack* All my awesome WC items!!!

And here is the professional machine used for your treatments!

Plus I must say that after 2 times of treatment for each area, I can feel that my hair have started to grow slower and more fine!

How amazing!

Not forgetting that treatment is totally painless!

Try it to believe it!

Look! Cute printing on Datsumo Labo tissue paper! LOL

Just $99 monthly for hair removal?! Good enough deal?

Wait! Datsumo Labo is now having Spring Promo!

Only $69 monthly! That's a saving of $30 from the usual price!

Read here for more info:

And not forgetting, if you mention that you're a reader of mine,
you will get 10% Off your first visit at Datsumo Labo!

Yes! Just mention "TSURIKI"! It is that simple!

Oki! That's all for this post!

Stay pretty everyone!


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