Thursday, 17 April 2008

club crawl starts today!

hey people,
currently in lab...
today is the start of our school's club crawl,
cca orientation that is.

before sleeping last night,
i was first excited.
but soon,
i was afraid.

i really wouldnt wish to see people walking away during our performances.
either or,
neither nor.
both wait and see and traditional.
i really dont wish to see anyone leaving.

and i so dont wish that anything will go wrong during the performances.


ok people,
if you're reading this and able to make it for club crawl,
sakuran japanese cultural club's performances are on
thursday - 2.30pm
friday - 12.15pm
at sports hall.

see you there
and please give your full support!
thank you!

jmd jmd jmd!!!
ganbatte ganbatte ganbatte!!!

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