Thursday, 28 February 2008

L movie with L

hey people!
it's been quite a long time
sinced i blogged on about what happened exactly
on that they i blog itself.
oh well.
today shall be the first in the past few months

supposing jmd 06 & 07 batch went to watch L together.
and like what we first joked about,
we were saying about asking lue song to cosplay as L
when we go and watch L the movie.

and ya!
lue song really did dye his hair black and cosplay L

it's quite funny...

lue song was so seriously afraid that might not even be able to come out
or go into the toilet
as there may be people who might beat him.
he got his younger brother with him.

and seriously,
lue song ate a super big lollipop
and 'sit' the way L does on the sofa.

i'm kinda impressed
do you kow that movie is more than 2 hours?
and he really just squad there on the sofa for that 2 hours?!

the funny thing is,
after the movie,
then only people in the cinema realised
that there is a L in the cinema
just look at their faces...!
funny sia~

then we went out,
there's this group of girls that wanted to take photo with L

but L only lasted that 2 hours plus.
after the movie,
lue song went to clean off his make up already.

then they went aracade...
and later on some of us went to mos for late dinner.

and here's the photo people!
those taken in the cinema
really couldnt be seen...

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