Wednesday, 20 February 2008

(_ _)

hey people
havent been seriously blogging for a very long time.
thinking back,
then only i realised the reason why i first started to blog irregularly.

it all started out 7 months plus back in year 2007
in july
where i couldnt share
couldnt blog my wonderful experience on this blog of mine

all i could do
is to remember them hard seriously
and hope that i'll never forget this life
even the smallest thing
i would want to remember it for life

right now
i'm a very happy person
thinking back in 2007 april
where jess and i said our goals of the year
that sure was fun(ny)
though both of us made our goal,
but they werent really full
as exactly how we actually wanted it to be
(ok. i'm saying mine)
i cant judge hers
she have to judge that herself

i'm really happy with my half goal achieved.

i'm lovin what i'm having now people.

i'm kinda sad that i'm drifting from some people too...

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