Friday, 4 January 2008

why oh why oh why~~~???

Somethings i may not understand in the past
but now...
maybe Ya...
i just got to know
and understand why.

some people may choose to hide
some may choose to avoid
some may choose to make things worst
while some others may just ignore

as for the people of the situation
some people may then give up
some may choose to go against their own wills
while pleasing others
while some may just stay on and try to ignore the horrible stares coming their way

so who are you?

where do you categorise yourself?

as for me...
as for the person affected
I'll choose to live as how i used to
which somehow equals to
as for being the person in that situation
i used to choose to go against my will
to please others
maybe I'll ignore for the moment
and wait for the sun to come out again

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