Saturday, 3 November 2007

yo wassup!

yo people out here!

today we had performance at bishan park 2.
good one people!

it was for some envinomental event...

though we didnt had lots of audience
(which may be good so i would be that nervous)

but haha...
i guess it's just me...
liking the stage thingy as a whole.
like always,
i will be nervous and stuff before going up
but when i'm up there,
i really enjoy that moment
and would do my best.

though i sprained my ankle last week,
i jumped like nobody's business
and ended up
ankle a little pain.

but still

great work people!

(havent seen the videos)

i wanna see!!!!

here's some photos the peace GST club took.

  • PEACE CLUB main comm with our pending member.

  • just me doing stupid face

  • GST smile.

  • GST's cool!

  • GST's naughty!

  • GST are tako-s!

  • GST!!! Main comm of the PEACE CLUB

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