Tuesday, 6 November 2007

it's all about the trixy hiden for years~

i dont know...

maybe to people
i've changed ever sinced the past 6 months.

and i dont deline,
that i've changed.

people may say i changed to a happier,
more cheerful trixy.
a person that express more
of what i think
or get the things i wanna do done.

some may say i've changed to be a worst,
totally unconcerned about what matters
to the people around me,
and doing things,
handling stuff the wrong way.

i think i'm more happy,
as compared to who i was last year.

some may say,
trixy isnt happier.
she've changed to hide from me
and no longer spend those happy times with me again.

but to these people,
i wanna say...
i've tried to spend the same happy times with you,
but someone else just comes in
i'm ok with this person's presence,
but i just cant be myself
do things as normal as it has always been.

this person,
make me dont wanna get close to you again.

i've learn to express myself.
i've got to learn
that saying out how i feel
or think about things
though may hurt people some times,
but if i dont say it out,
it may cause things to turn out bad,
i'm jusy saying out people's opinion
which they dont dare to say.

and expressing...

or should i say...
really just be myself.

i just,
wanna do things i like,
do the things i wanna do,
like to do,
but had never been doing since my parent dirovced.

i agree,
that what i'm doing
may hurt people around me
but i disagree the point
that i dont care about how they feel,
especially my close ones.

for these couple of months,
all i've been doing,
is to be honest with myself.

it's the truth in me i'm living right now.

will you still accept me
for who i've always been hiding inside?

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