Tuesday, 13 March 2007

please swith off all mobiles
the show's gonna start.

hey people,
i havent not been blogging regularly for quite sometime,
and i dont expect myself to blog regularly during my holidays.


because i think that i would be either stuck in my room watching jdorama,
which i totally dony have internet excess unless i get my wireless card for the pc.
even if i use the pc in my sis's room,
i will be searching the yahoo auctions to buy new jdorama,
or trying to grab some from online itself.

that's how i intend to spend my holiday for the next one month.
if not,
i would only go out of my house's front door for these following reasons:

  • work
  • japanese lessons
  • food
  • bible study
  • rally
  • salt lite outing (which is like a few days later)
  • more new drama vcds and dvds
  • people ask me out (which may have a high possibility i wont want to go)

and yes,
that's all i did for the past half month ever sinced my holidays started.

stay home watch dorama...

stay home use computer,

stay home waiting for the postman to send my vcds to my door step...

going for japanese lessons...

going for work.


that's my holiday-life.


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