Tuesday, 20 March 2007

dont understand!!!

hey people!

i've rotting this holiday.
i guess that only things i do that not wasting time
is work and japanese lessons.

there's japanese lessons.

last week,
my dad came to try the lesson
to see if he could catch up
as he wanted to join the lessons too.
our teacher is now a new teacher from taiwan.
i seriously cant understand her lessons.
her teaching is really...
i dont know how to describe.
she teaches all over and we just dont know where is she.
something she taught 5 mins ago,
i totally forgot 5 mins later.
that's a reason why my dad decided not to join my lessons loh...

after lessons yesterday,
lily - san called me.
we discussed about the problem
and we decided to go for lessons earlier next week and try to solve this problem with the teacher.

oh i miss the previous teacher!!!
but then he's going to be in japan for the next 2 years.
i think if the problem continues,
i shall change cc to central cc for japanese lessons loh...
... although the fees are more expensive...

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