Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Vacation in Bangkok

photos upload with flock
so the thumbnails are smaller

from the camera
i was being forced to
the view from our hotel room
pretty hair
my daddy!
donuts lover
only dunkin donuts
japanese food buffet
song bun seafood
waiting for our turn for the ferris wheel ride
the mok sisters
our tickets
the wheel
going up!
on the way up!
the the top!
the afraid of heights sister of mine
going down...
the wheel

the wheel
and trix
hug snowman
compare snowman
smile snowman
jacket designs
the bed
smile trixy
erm? trixy
hump! trixy
ah! trixy
oh! trixy
commercial trixy
self-taking trixy
lonely trixy
bored trixy
tongue sticking trixy
plus cross-eye trixy
normal trixy
tv area of room 2203
wardrode of room 2203
the mess of room 2203
toilet bowl of room 2003
shower are of room 2203
shower heards of room 2203
manicure anyone?
the things we bought?
they mess bought
after packing
trixy with her dont know what expression
oops! i forgot how this photo is supposed to be
stuck in that stupid door
dreaming of a white christmas?
there's a huge white flashing christmas tree at the airport
even the reflection is b-e-au-tiful!
i was supposed to be standing in front of the tree
the senser spoilt due to the amount of photos i take.

from my handphone
at oishi grand
after buffet
at the airport.
green tea with honey lemon
the guy on the top
my cute sister
the sign
oh i love candies!
nice decorations
we're heading gate F5
taken secretly.
the bar at the airport
our flight.
would you like orea or M&Ms ice cream?
the airport
the sisters over exposed and not.
ice cream makes her happy
we're boarding, heading back to Singapore.

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