Tuesday, 5 December 2006

open sesame!

i didnt go to school today again...
but then i did not skip lessons without valid reason.
i cant possibly go to school with one eye open and the other close.
it's my turn to get eye infection le.

i really got a shock when i woke up this morning at 7.35am to prepare to go to school.
i took a look of my eye in the mirror immediately when i woke up cause it was like seriously painful and itchy.
guess what i saw?
i saw my left eye turned red.
not only that.
it's the whole eye ball turned red.
like this red.
*but darker*
i cant find a spot that is white lor...

but when i woke up at 9am ++ to see the doctor,
it was better,
but still kinda red.
and that they doctor said that it's serious already.
just imagine she saw my eye in the morning at 7am ++?
i think i need to go hospital or something already like that...

*still can laugh huh*


now i mind as well blog what happened yesterday .

4 Dec 2006.

go to school as usual...

i go stuck in the train on the way to school for like 20 mins?
there was a train fault at ang mo kio station,
so all the trains towards jurong east were delayed.
and i was stuck in train at bishan for like 10-15 mins?
and after the train started to move towards ang mo kio station,
it stopped again.
for like...
2 mins?
move alittle then stop again...
then it travlled at a very slow speed.
i was late for class by around 15 mins as i was stuck in the train for 15- 20 mins.


after school,
went to plaza singapura alone to get a notebook for my jap lessons.
i bought not only a note book lah...
i bought others things too...
not forgetting snacks.

snacks is like a must buy thing whenever i go daiso.

i didint buy any manicure thingy this time.
and i bought a makeup corrector alright.

and wig.

that's all.

walk around...
and guess what?
i found the doraemon speaker!!!
and it's like better than the chip and dale one that i bought!
it's cheaper!!!

oh my tian!

i want to buy leh...
but then like very waste money...

so i'm not hinting now,
i'm saying it straight.

anyone's going to get me the doraemon speakers for christmas?
it's like less than $10.
can be bought at plaza singapura's more than words for sure!
anyone willing to get me that?

so after that,
i went to sasa to just take a look.
walked passed the mirror in the store,
and noticed that my left eye is red.
*oh no*
so i went to get some food immediately then go home.

after going home,
watch tv,
sleep for 45 mins,
wake up,
then go for jap lessons.

jap lessons seems very short for yesterday...
i dont know why...
emily didnt come yesterday.
and i made new friends.
this lady named lily.
we learnt how to ask for telephone number yesterday,
and i kinda spelled lily's name wrongly.
i spelled lili.
sorry ar...
japanese pronounciation.

and guess what?
i found my primary school schoolmate in the same japanese class too.
i asked her for telephone number,
and found her super familar.
then lily helped me ask her what primary school was she from.
marymount convent school!
and she say that she used to bully me in primary school.

i dont remember that.
i only remember me bullying people,
i don't quite remember people bullying me.
but then she say she always call me bai lian (white face),
then should be correct le ba.
there arent many white faces during our year.

i guess that's all le.
i dont really want to continue typing with only one eye.
everything seems to move to the left side more

so see you people in school tomorrow i hope.

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