Thursday, 1 December 2011


Hi everyone!

Super delayed post here. #GulityAgain

In September I was invited to The Hilton for an event!

So what was I doing at the Grand Ballroom of The Hilton?

TADA! For the new console game Skylanders!!!

The banner

The mountain of games

Closeup -- They have it on wii!!!

So of course! Chiong to the wii station!!!

Since my bf has a wii set, of course I'm really excitied for this new game!
One more game to our game collection to play together!

I got a Gill Grunt character in my goodie bag!

Snapshot of the game

We had a short presentation on Skylanders

Doing the opening, Aaron!

I first met him at the conference for DN a few months ago!

Thank you for inviting me, Aaron!

A short clip/CM for Skylanders!
Seriously, it looks so cool!

So one thing I am really amazed by the concept of Skylanders is that you actually store your character data in the character figurine itself and not on your console set!

This means that you can actually bring along your character to your friends' place and play Skylanders together!
How awesome is that?!


Not only can you play with a friend that has the same console (e.g. wii), you can also play with your friends who has other consoles like PS3 or XBOX!!!
(Provided that they have Skylanders, too)

Demo of the game

Not to worry that your figurine will spoil and make you lose all your data cos the figurines are very durable!

And here's the list of awesome minds behind Skylanders!


Some characters

Now to snap photos of the figurines!

Yea, girls will be girls.

Himeko, Michiyo and I took photos of the figurines first before trying out the game and etc!

Next we got our characters' power levelled up! =X


Now to bring it to live in the game!

TADA!!! My water element character loaded yo!

Physical figurine during play

Here's Himeko's wind element character!

I was stuck in the game and needed a character of another element to help me!

Here's the full list of characters for Skylanders!

I can't wait to play this game!
Hopefully I can get one for my own by Christmas then I can bring over to my friend's house on Christmas eve and play together!

Oki that's all for now!

Opps! Just realised that there isn't a single photo of me in this photo!

Here's one taken after the event!



  1. Oooh the game looks fun ! Too bad I don't have any consoles at all boohoo >.<

  2. Skylander looks like a fun game!
    That 'collect them all' reminds me of pokemon! lol xD
    You're so pretty *w*



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