Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hungry? Go to Shaw Leisure Gallery!

Food Tasting Session

Hi everyone!

Ok. Before you read on, I have to warn you.
You might not wanna read this blog post if you're hungry...

So yes! You've been warned...!

First up! I went to Tom's Palette on a early Saturday morning for...

Yup! For Ice-Cream Making Workshop!!!

Their prices really are reasonable!
I wanna go back for ice-cream!!!

Just LOOK at the range of ice-cream they have!!!

*How I wish I can teleport there, NOW!!!*

Now to ice-cream making!

Before making the ice-cream ourselves, we had a run through!

Warming up the milk!

Mixing with egg mixture
(Full recipe will be included in the later part of this post)

Cooking the mixture!

Almost done!

Ready to be freezed!

Now it's my turn to make my very own Horlicks Ice-Cream!

All prepared!

Go go go!

Sharing the table with Michiyo!

You'll need egg yolk

Mixed with sugar

Mixing Michiyo's egg mixture for photo purposes. Lol~

Next warm up the milk!

Lowest heat...


Smile lah~ Why make ice-cream must SO serious?!

Tsk tsk tsk~ Look at the mess Michiyo made~ =P

Don't rush if not your ice cream may get burnt!

Add in Horlicks powder after milk is warmed up!

Cook cook cook

Himeko's cooking?!

Why cook so slow one?

After the Horlicks powder disolve (mostly), pour slow portion by portion in the egg mixture

Pour it back and cook further

Take your time~

A photo of pretty Elfaine!

Er... Himeko... What are you doing?

All sticky and nice

All done and now ready to send to freezer!

*I like this photo lots! *

BOMB back at you, yo!

Off to freeze for 30mins!

NEXT! Ice-cream tasting!!!

Tried many different flavours available at Tom's Palette for the day!

They even have Salted Egg Flavour!!!

Because I'm such a awesome blogger, I must try and tell you how it taste like right?

YES! I ate it!


Surprising it taste nice!

Frankly speaking, I'm NOT a fan of salted egg but the ice-cream really taste NICE!

It kind reminds me of the Salted Egg Crab at Crab Party!

They have Lavender flavour, too! If you're a huge lover of lavender, I guess you would like it!

So while our ice-cream were chilling out in the freezer, we headed for lunch!

Restoran Oversea


Table setting


Feeling all hungry by just looking at the menu!

Can we eat now?

Ordered Honeydew Juice that was highly recommended by Himeko!

And I realised that everyone who went to the previous food tasting session ordering that, too, so I had one glass, too! =P

Oh man~ Recall back and why did I miss the first food tasting session?!?!

Fried Bittergourd with Pork

This seriously taste awesome!!!

For people who have not or do not dare to eat bittergourd, don't worry!
Their bittergourd seriously isn't that bitter! Plus, it still has the nice veggie crunch!

Fried Eggplant

Frankly speaking, I do NOT like eggplant.
But I would say that I actually LOVE this dish!

It's not like the usual eggplant we get to eat from chinese restaurant.
It's very different, VERY NICE!!!

*Gosh! Blogging this post is a torture! I'm getting hungry!!!*

Spicy Fish in Special Sauce

Oh gosh~ This dish is just super delicious!

Great to go with rice!

Fish soup with fried crispy bean-curd fish

The soup is really light but yet sweet! You can really taste the flavour of all the ingredients in the soup!

Fried Crispy Dumpling

*Oh gosh~ Thinking of how to describe the taste and all is making me SUPER HUNGRY!!!*

Ok. Just DELICIOUS! Okay?!

Can you feel my pain?!

Chicken Thigh Steamed with Salted Fish

Hotpot Tomato Egg

Hotpot Potato with Sauce

Minted Meat Fried with Bean Sprouts

Hotpot Meatballs with Toufu

Deep Fried Grass Carp

The poor bowl of rice by the side neglected.

*Why no one take photo of me?*

Hahaha~ But then again, the rice is nice! Soft, fragrant!

And what happened to all the dishes on the table?

One word, GONE!

We had some extra dishes that are not in the menu, too!

Honey Char Siew (Roast Pork)

Ah~ My saliva is dripping!!!!!!!!!

It's really tender and juicy! *Drools*

Ok. This dish isn't on their menu as it's not available just any time you want!

It's some Hotpot Pork Soft-bones with Carrots & Radish

Two words -- DAMN NICE!!!

*Sorry, don't mean to say 'damn' but.. you get what I mean...*

Lastly, dessert!

Sesame Dumpling with Crusted Peanuts


I'm so gonna bring my mom there for dinner! (or lunch)

What's everyone taking photo of?

The legendary Char Siew!!! (Right-most side)

Going back to Tom's Palette after lunch

And here's our ice-cream!!!
Looks not bad huh?

Snap snap snap!

Hmm.. but compared to the "master's" ice-cream, we kind.....
Just pass? Lol~

And here's my very own Horlicks Ice-Cream!!!

And another photo of Pretty Elfaine who gave me a lift to work after the event!

Here is the Horlicks Ice Cream receipe!

1. Crack open an egg. Use only the yolk and add sugar to it. Mix well!
2. Add half a cup of milk into pot.
3. Add 3 to 4 generous tablespoons of Horlicks into milk.
4. Combine Horlicks, milk, egg yolk and sugar.
5. Cook all these ingredients until it becomes a thick and rich sauce.
6. Add half a cup of cream and combine evenly.
7. Freeze and churn by hand!

Wanna try making your own ice-cream?

You can always go down to Tom's Palette for an ice-cream making workshop yourself!

100 Beach Road, Shaw Leisure Gallery S(189702)


  1. いいなこれ!!
    i wish i could go to singapore soon (*ノωノ) !

  2. THAT EGG YOLK I SO CUTE! I just fell in love with it ! XD
    Yes I read this post as a challenge to my hungry-ness :D I survived ^__^
    Your chinese comments makes me laugh so much haha~
    I want to try some horlick ice cream now O:

  3. O: I wanna eat ice cream now *w*...
    Making it looks so fun ~!

  4. Definitely want some ice cream now.

    BTW love the glasses.



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