Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Cutie Amethystory!

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Hi everyone!!!

Today I'll be sharing with you the (ok not so) new range of skincare products from Amethystory!


Ok~ I actually got these products quite a long time ago (opps!) but am only bloggin on them now. #GUILTY

You may be thinking...

"What brand is this?!"
"Where did it poped out from?!"
"Good or not?"

etc etc~

Not to worry people! Amethystory is actually a brand under Ginvera!

And if you have been reading long enough, you should know that I myself have been trying out Ginvera's products a couple of times from skincare to even cosmetics like BB Cream which are awesome!

So let's start first with the Mineral Bubble Facial Wash of the new Amethystory!


I love it lots as it's SUPER CONVENIENT!

Just pump it out and you're ready to wash your face with the foam!
No more foaming up process needed!

Just see for yourself how fine is the foam formed!

So fine until my camera can't capture! WTF?!


This Mineral Bubble Facial Wash contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps to moisturise your face while cleansing!


It's smells super nice! It's more of a floral scent~

From using this Mineral Facial Wash, I achieved Bouncey Bouncey skin!

After cleansing, it's time for Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer!

Just gently pat in using your palms will do!
No cotton wool needed!

And it smells good, too!!!


Ok. I won't say that my skin became fairer after using the Whitening Enhancer as THAT WOULD OBIVIOUSLY BE A LIE!
I'm so fair already! Any fairer will is gonna make me look like a plain white A4 paper!

*Ok~ Maybe A5 paper better. That means I have smaller face*
That's beside the point here.

Although I did not get fairer after using the Whitening Enhancer, I did not get any tanner!
Plus, it is super moisturising!

and this makes AWESOME 5!

Next up! Mineral Aqua Gel!

I personally use this once a week BEFORE washing my face.

Like stated, this product helps to remove dead and dry skin for newborn skin!

Now to the test!

One pump of Mineral Aqua Gel on my hand and now gently RUB!

After rubbing!

Sorry I know I applied the Aqual Gel on the back of my hand but the dead skin stuff are on my wrist instead cos I got my mom to rub for me as I was holding the camera.

My mum was super shocked from the results that she just keep moving upwards. #FAIL

But still, there are dead skin removed from the back of my hand, too.

And ya! My mum kena stole the whole bottle from me after I took all the photos needed for this review.

As you can see from the Before and After photos, the my hand in the after photo looks much more brighter than before.
No it's not lighting and blah blah blah. It's simply because the dead skin and dirt were removed!


Do you know that dead skin will make your skin looks dull?

Haha~ Now you know!

And ya, the Aqua Gel smells good, three!


So with the new Amethystory, we can achieve egg-like complexion!

Amethystory is available at all Watson's and various drugstores!
You can also get free samples from their facebook page: amethystory?ref=ts&sk=app_ 213564948660624

Go grab them NOW!!!


  1. wow that is amazing! :O i've never seen it around here.. u__u

  2. It looks really amazing, but I haven't seen any in my area :( Gotta try it..!

  3. i want to try it too, i wonder where i can get a hold of it :(



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