Thursday, 20 July 2006

What will U do when u're bored and SERIOUSLY missin someone?
1. walk all the way to his house, hopin tt there may be tis 0.00001% tt u may get to see him.
2. bcos u kno tt tis is stupid, u gave urself a lame excuse tt u jus wanted to go to the 7-11 nearby, which u seriously kno tt it's not true.
3. take pics of the pri sch bball court where u first saw him playin bball at.
4. take a pics of the blk he's stayin at and hope tt there's a miracle tt u may see his face poppin out in the pic somewhere.
5. while waitin for the bus, hopin tt he may walk pass or alight from the bus appraochin or sumthing.
6. bloggin tis wif ur hp hopin tt he will see it and kno tt u seriously miss him lots, although u jus met him yesterday.

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