Tuesday, 28 December 2004

I'm proud to be a August baby!!!

today got bs and mag went!
bs was fun, simply great!
after bs, went for a movie wif my dad!
it was 2.50pm and the movie starts at 3pm
daddy ask me to take cab... but den so near...
t-junction lehz...
so i ran for the bus 145, but den i missed it...
followed behind the 145 bus is a 130 bus, WHICH i can take
i reached the theater there before my dad
so happy lehz...
i was veri sure tt i will get to see chucky, tt stupid idiot horrible freaking cold blooded killer doll
but den, i'm prepared
when i jus reached the theater, the trailer of seed of chucky started to show...
and guess wat?!
i faced my fears!!!
i stood there in the middle of nowhere,
open my eyes super wide,
stared at tt stupid idiot horrible freaking cold blooded scared chucky trailer the whole time!
can u imagine the super scared of chucky me standin there starein at chucky?
when i'm so scared, even lookin at one eye ball of it,
the clothes of it,
someone dress like it,
the voice of it,
the name of it,
simple everything abt it,
standin there starein at it,
in my mind 'cursin' it!!!
when i saw the poster, i stared at it!!!
*er... i wont put the pic of it on my blog*
although tt may be a way for me to face my fears too....
i'm seriously not willin to see the horrible idiot freaky stupid scared face of it everytime i come and look at my blog!
i will watch the movie,
I Will Face My Fears,
aniwae... watchin movie wif my dad is great!
we watch kung fu hustle!
*hai ya!*
den go and cut hair... cut something similar to my 'previous' one....

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