Monday, 28 September 2015

Monthly Flashblack: Sep '15

Hihi everyone!!

Well, I am still trying to get back to blogging but since I don't have much time to be in front of my laptop, I shall just post a post with all my random stuff that happened this month!

First up! At the start of the month I was very happy to be able to fly with my awesome batchmates Michelle and Vicki!

It's been a long long time since I even last saw them! Sadly, this is what's left from my batch thus I am very happy to even be able to meet them, not to mention fly with them, be all togethet for 10 days straight!

We went to New York together and since all of us have yet to visit Liberty Island even though we have been to New York for I-don't-even-know-how-many-times already, we decided to finally go see the Statue of Liberty!

Had a really awesome day out even though some bird decided to shit on my head even though there's thousands of people on the island...

We also went to get a ride on the SeaGlass Carousel cos it's just too pretty to resist!

We ended off our day with dinner at Res Lobster in Times Square which kinda is a usual thing for Vicki and I if we were to head downtown. 

Back in Tokyo, we headed out to meet our other batchmate, Jasmine, and her boyfriend who were here for holiday!

We checked out the new cafe in Harajuku and followed by walking around and just chatting till evening! 

Here's some photos of all the kawaii dishes served at the new cafe, Kawaii Monster Cafe!

I really miss just sitting down and chilling with all my batchmates!!! 

Back in Singapore...

In September, it's also my dance batchmate's birthday!

So we met up all for dinner and for the first time, we actually had quite atas (expensive) food that night!

High-grade Wagyu beef platter for the 5 of us!

Ok. Here's a silly photo which I hardly post online.

And us acting kawaii!

Okay! That's all for this post!

Signing off from Tokyo, Tsuriki.

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