Sunday, 2 March 2014

Just thoughts

Hi everyone~ 

Sorry today's post is gonna be just text on my thoughts recently.

Well, life have been hard, difficult, and I am seriously exhausted physically and mentally.

But I guess what made it worst is that from these whole episode, i learnt that no matter what blood is really still and always will be thicker than ties. 

And ya, how 2 faces some people can be. 

So anyways, after sending my sister off to Korea last night, I guess I am now feeling how my sister felt last year when I left for Japan for 3 months.

Although nothing much really changed cos to begin with we don't live with each other for years ever since she got married.

We don't see each other every day but there is this sudden emptiness inside.

I just hope that everything will be fine for her especially her being all alone a in foreign country where language she doesn't speak. 

Now there's one more factor, making me look forward to my Korea trip even more -- to see my sister, more!!! 

Oki. That's all for this post.

I shall update again next week. 

Have a nice day everyone! 

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