Monday, 16 January 2012


Hi everyone!

It've been a long long time since I last shared my shopping on my blog!
Ya.. have been doing more videos on YouTube instead...

So today I was in the mood to do some retail therapy and here's my haul!!!
** Super tempted to buy the muffy headphones... (~_~;) **

(Top left to botton right)

1. Lingerie from La Senza
Not gonna show you what I bought exactly! *Shy shy*

2. Corn and Pumpkin Soup from Daiso
The pumpkin soup is very nice! Great for breakfast or supper! Only 86kcal!

3. Kids Beer from Daiso
It's soda. No alcohol. Used to buy it from my former workplace. Lol!

4. Pebbie portable charger from Tangs
Finally decided on this portable charger that comes with 5 different adapters.

5. Leather Leopard Fur Wallet from Charles and Keith
Personally find that it's my best buy of the day! Muahahaha!!!

Ok. Gonna continue my shopping tomorrow.
Gotta get a pair of heels for Chinese New Year!

Yes! I find one of the best thing about being a Chinese and celebrating Lunar New Year is that you get all excuses to buy a whole new outfit for the new year! Huat ah!!!

Had dinner with Himeko today at AOBA at ION!
(Following photos were taken with my iPhone)

Nagoya Wings

Gyoza is not bad!

Their Stone Rice is suprisingly NICE!!!

Oki that's all for this post!

Goodnight everyone!


  1. Food looks yummy ^^)/
    Kids beer?! That's a weird name xD

  2. I love your hauls & the food are deliciousss.

  3. hi, how do you cook the soup? i bought it but i dont understand what the packaging says!

  4. Anoymous へ
    You can either pour the soup out into a bowl and heat up using microwave or put the packet in hot water for 5 mins. I personally prefer to put the packet in hot water. (o^^o)



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