Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hankook Cosmetics - Ossion Basic Kit
Mini Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I received a huge bag of products from a Korean brand, Ossion and some other products under Hankook Cosmetics!

Ok... I really have no idea where should I start from! Lol!

Read on as there's a mini giveaway at the end of the post!

Within the whole load of products and samples there were given to me, there are some highly raved, really awesome products which I will review in another post(s)

Ossion Mild Touch Bubble Mask
Heard that it will help slim face, too!
*Evil laughter*

Ekanava Opening Enchancer
An awesome cold makeup base that has gold flakes in it!

But now in this post, I wanna start with the basic kit of Ossion!

Basically what needed after cleansing.

Merdel Toner

It absorbs really fast and does not have a sticky after feeling!

PLUS! It smells GREAT!!!
I love good-smelling skincare products!!!

But then again, we don't, right?

Merdel Emulsion

It's like a moisturiser!

Massage in~ and your skin will be well moisturised fast!
And it does not have a greasy, oily after feeling!

Merdel Cream

For me, I only use this at night!

After using this basic kit from Ossion for about a week, my skin is more well moisturised and bouncy bouncy!

So where can you get Hankook Cosmetics' Products?

You can either get them at BHG Clementi or even better, the comfort of your desk at home or at work!

YES! Online!

Simply log on to to make your purchase!

Now Hankook Cosmetics is having a 20% discount off storewide online!

Hankook Cosmetics ships internationally so not to worry whether are you living in Korea, Singapore, Japan, US, Canada, anywhere, everywhere!!!

WAIT! There's more!!!

For all my readers, you get additional 30% off!

So if you were to make your purchase from now to 16 Feb 2012, you get 20% + extra 30% discount!
That means you get approximately 45% off in total!

All you have to do to enjoy my readers' discount is to use the following login details to make your purchase!
(This discount code for my readers is life-long!)

Username: tsuriki13
Password: queentria

Yes, that simple!

Lastly, like mentioned, here's a mini giveaway!

I have 2 sets of Ossion Merdel Toner and Merdel Emulsion sample to be given out!

All you have to do is to email me your Name by 24 Jan 2012, 2359 SGT.
If you've tried any products of Hankook Cosmetics before, please share with me, too!!!

I'll choose 2 readers randomly and send the samples to you!

I'm sorry but this giveaway is only open to Singapore addresses.

Good luck everyone and Stay pretty!


  1. I live in Canada so too bad for me :( haha but I just wanted to say that you have REALLY nice skin! :)

    -- ^^

  2. Awhh, that sucks that it's only open to singapore addresses D: But they make your skin look pretty ;O

  3. oh wow this looks really good! Never heard of the brand though o_O



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