Sunday, 8 June 2008

The 35 Do Nots.

All of these, i will try my best not to do.

01. Emo
02. Cry
03. Wine(Dont know how to spell)
04. Skip Lessons
05. La Ta
06. Dirty
07. Beat him
08. Make a scene
09. Throw tantrum
10. Talk Trixy language
11. Be irresponsible
12. Be violent
13. Hunch
14. Do stupid things
15. Hurt myself on purpose
16. Step on his white shoes
17. Dirty any of his things
18. Drop any electronic gadgets
19. Call him his nick name i gave in public
20. Keep asking questions over and over again
22. Not think before speaking
23. Not think of consequences
24. Not tell him when i'm not feeling well
25. Think that i'm not important to him/anyone
26. Not sms when i reach home
27. Not let him know where am i
28. Always wear boy boy
29. Scratch him with my nails
30. Do things that will injure him
31. Not know how to protect myself
32. Make simple things complicated
33. Buy him couple stuff
34. Doubt him
35. Doubt myself

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