Thursday, 8 September 2016

Consultation at Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic with Dr. Rachel Lim – To abetter self!

Hihi everyone! I believe everyone always wants a better version of themselves and of course, that includes me!

I’ve always been unhappy with my crow’s feet ever since I was 15 especially after one of my classmate once said really loudly in class that no one is gonna like me cos I look old with all the wrinkles around my eyes. 

Thinking back it may be a little childish but it deeply affected me and I’ve always been very unhappy whenever I see those lines around my eyes when I look at my photos ever since then.

Yup. people. This is how deep your words can cut that were spoken without much thought how your words can affect another person’s feelings so much.

So I decided to take a step and get things done!

I decided to go to for consultation at Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic for my facial concerns and get to know more from the professionals on how and what I can try to improve myself.

Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic
Address: 06-01A International Building, 360 Orchard Rd, 238869
Contact number: 6734 6531

The location of Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic is actually really easy to find. It is located besides Shaw Centre where Lido is and across the road from Wheelock Place.

I was first quite worried then the place would be difficult to find but apparently I was wrong.

Just take the lift up at International Building to level 6, turn right, turn left, walk a few steps and you’re there!

Helping me is Dr. Rachel Lim from Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic and seriously, don’t you find her super pretty?

I know I do.

So I was telling Dr. Rachel Lim my concerns and get to know from her what she feels would be best for me.

She is very friendly and I seriously did not feel and stress or pressure when talking to her. I felt very comfortable talking to her about all my concerns and she would give me very honest recommendations.

I actually did mention to Dr. Rachel Lim that I don’t really like the lines on my forehead, too, but she recommended me to just leave it as I’m still considered young and if I were to do botox for my forehead, it may look a little too fake which is something I’m worried and would not want either.

So I decided to just let it be for now. 

So after much discussion, we’ve decided to do Crow's Feet Reduction using Botulinum Toxin with BOTOX and also Jaw Slimming using Botulinum toxin with Dysport. Plus I might even consider contouring my face with V-face laser too!

Just can’t wait to share with all of you more on the treatments in my next post.

So till then, stay tuned and I’ll be back with more!

To a better us!

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